Advice for new drivers – Marmalade

Once you’ve got over the initial excitement of passing your test – you may feel a bit anxious about driving on your own after having the re-assurance of your parent or driving instructor in the passenger seat. You may not be quite ready to try driving on the motorway on day after you pass – the idea of this section is to offer information and advice, as and when you need it, on how to increase your confidence, develop your driving skills and start your new adventure on the open road. 

Here’s some helpful tips for new drivers who have recently passed their test:

orange_icon_driving_instructor_icon  You’re not alone – if it helps you feel more confident, take a parent or experienced driver with you on your first trip. Likewise, it’s important to take trips on your own – start with short trips maybe, and build up from there.

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Congratulations to Alex

Congratulations Alex on passing your Practical Driving Test this morning in Bodmin. Lovely drive, stay safe and enjoy your new found freedom.

Well done Sarah

Well done Sarah Curley on passing your Automatic Driving Test 1st time in Bodmin this afternoon. It was a pleasure to teach you. Keep up the good work. Look after them sheep and lock the cats out.


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