Pass Plus & Motorway Driving

Taking a Pass Plus course will help to build up your overall driving confidence once you have passed your practical test. You will cover areas of driving you may not have encountered while learning such as motorway driving, night time driving and all weather driving. You won’t take a test but you will be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all elements.

Pass plus 6 hrs – £160

The pass plus training will take at least 6 hours. Overall it has 6 components, covering all types of driving:

  •        In town
  •        In all weathers
  •        On rural roads
  •        At night
  •        On dual carriageways
  •        On Motorway

1 hour to cover each module.

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What is Pass Plus – What Are The Benefits?

The course is a voluntary scheme that benefits newly qualified drivers. In particular, reduced insurance premiums will be available at participating insurers. Insurers benefit from having more skilful drivers, who will make fewer claims. The general public will also benefit from having safer roads.

For those who have recently passed, this 6 hour course will help you become a better driver and can save you 5% or more on your insurance.